A Time to Give Thanks

Event: Online bonus
Duration: November 26th – December 5th
Description: Stay online for the required amount of time and be rewarded!
1 hour:

2 hours:

4 hours:

Event: Thanksgiving Wardrobe Boost
Duration: November 26th – November 30th
Description: For a limited time, receive Temporary Wardrobe EXP to help you level up your wardrobe! Be rewarded for leveling up your wardrobe to the next level during the event!


Event: Lucky Charm Packs
Duration: November 26th – November 30th
Description: Get special Lucky Charm Packs and Returned Gold Coins! Spend 400 Gold Coins (320 for VIP) to get 336 Returned Gold Coins and 2 Lucky Charms or spend 3000 Gold Coins (2400 for VIP) to get 2520 Returned Gold Coins and 16 Lucky Charms!

Tip: Lucky Charms can be used to spin the Lucky Wheel!

Event: Thanksgiving Packs
Duration: November 26th – December 3rd
Description: Over the holiday we will be offering numerous Thanksgiving packs for sale! These will change daily so be sure to check back to see if something catches your eye!

Event: Thanksgiving Title
Duration: November 28th – November 30th
Description: Get a special Thanksgiving title for just 1 Gold Coin!

Mysterious Black Friday Pack awaits you!