[Activity] Who’s the Boss!

Duration: June 7th to June 9th 

Server: All Servers

Time: Server Time 20:10 PM

Description: Consider yourself quite strong with your Pet Dragons in Dragon Pals? Go prove it and be rewarded in our Arena Activity during June 7th to June 9th. Players who challenge other players in the Arena and rank in the top 5 will be rewarded. 


* Ranking No.1: Golden Feather x5000, Pebbles Shard x1, Lvl. 50 Meterorite x50
Ranking No.2: Golden Feather x2000, Level 50 Meterorite x20
Ranking No.3: Golden Feather x1000, Amethyst x10, 000k, Magic Coins x200
Ranking No.4: Golden Feather x500, Amethyst x5, 000k, Magic Coins x100
Ranking No.5: Amethyst x5, 000k, Lvl. 3 Gem Chest x3

Notes: Rewards will be sent as Gift Packs within 48 hours after the activity ends. Players who participate in the activity will only be rewarded only ONCE. The rewards sent will be according to the highest ranking at (Server Time: 20:10) you occupied during the activity.