Calling All Dragon Trainers Servers S6 and UP

Duration: June 27th to July 2nd
Servers: S6 and Up (S7, S8...)

Description: Think you've got a strong Dragon Pet? Participate in the event “Calling All Dragon Trainers” and show off your Dragon’s Total Battle Rating from June 27th to July 2nd. Participating players will be rewarded with ONE of four possible packs for reaching certain thresholds of Total Battling Rating.

Rewards: Based on their “Total Battle Rating”, players will be rewarded with ONE of the following four gift packs:

Bronze Pack:

* Dragon Souls: 5,000,  Voucher:x50, Ultimate EXP Scroll:x1

Sliver Pack:

* Dragon Souls: 20,000, Voucher: x180, Ultimate EXP Scroll: x2
* Demon Tower Key: x1, LV2 Purple Crystal: x20, Dragon Coins: x50

Gold Pack:

* Dragon Souls: 60,000, Voucher:x600, Ultimate EXP Scroll: x5
* Demon Tower Key: x3, LV2 Purple Crystal: x50, Dragon Coins: x120
* Bonbon Shard: x1

Platinum Pack:

* Dragon Souls: 200,000,Voucher: x2000, Ultimate EXP Scroll:x10
* Demon Tower Key: x5, LV2 Purple Crystal: x120, Dragon Coins: x280
* Bonbon Shard: x1, Snake in a Hat Card Shard: x1, Trickster Card Shard: x1

Post a reply to this thread in our forums with ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

1) Player Information:

* Character Name: (e.g.Monkey)
* Server: (e.g. S1)
* Total Battle Rating: (e.g. 3035)

2) A Screenshot:
Participants should also attach a screenshot that includes the Server Name, Character Name, and Total Battle Rating in the image. 


* Rewards will be sent within 48 hours at the end of the activity.
* Players who participate in the activity will only be rewarded once.
* Incomplete posts will not be accepted.