Compensation Package for Facebook Issue

Later today, August 15th, we will place a code good for one time redemption for those players affected by the Facebook issue. You will find it on the same page as the newbie gift code.


The compensation package including:

Lvl.1 Contribution Potion x3;

Dragon Coins x300;

Magic Coins x150;

Alchemy Charm x6;

Dragon Soul Charm x6;

Bounty Charm x10;

Lvl.5 Enchantment Stone x10;

Backpack Expansion Card x2;

Offline Exercise Card x5;


We do apologize for the inconvenience our players have suffered due to Facebook. We want to make sure that you didn't miss out on the game while you were unable to login so the compensation package will take that into account.

Please take your compensation package as soon as possible to catch other players.