Crazy Halloween

Crazy Halloween comes with thrills and chills! With surprises hiding behind each pumpkin, we’ve got all kinds of fantastic gifts waiting to be discovered!


Click the game page to enter the event page.





1. Click Halloween Lights to open 5 items randomly with 1 Pumpkin Cardimage003.png.

2. Trick or Treat to obtain the item in the pumpkin lantern on the right most side and 30 points with 3 Halloween masksimage005.png. The remaining items will each move one slot to the right.

3. Enter the Points Shop to obtain items with using your points. Points will be reset to zero after the event.

4. The puzzle solving prowess of each player will be accumulated with the puzzle solving progress of the server.  If the server puzzle solving progress and the personal puzzle solving amounts both meet the specified requirements, rewards can be obtained in the Server-wide Lantern Viewing. Both personal and server puzzle solving progress will be reset everyday at 0:00.