Devil's Den Quiz Ⅳ

​Q: This musical instrument has four strings, is usually made of the wood from a spruce tree, and is played with a bow generally made from horsehair. What is this musical instrument called? 

A: Violin  

Q: This musical instrument usually has white and black keys as well as having two or more pedals. What is the name of this musical instrument? 

A: Piano  

Q: This musical instrument is a member of the brass family and is played by a musician blowing into the mouthpiece. In modern times, it has three buttons that change the sound. What is the name of this instrument?

A: Trumpet  

Q: This musical instrument is a member of the percussion family. It is played by striking wooden bars with a mallet. What is its name? 

A: Xylophone  

Q: This instrument can often be found in a rock band. The instrument usually has six strings and uses an amplifier to make the sound louder. What is the name of this instrument? 

A: Electric Guitar  

Q: This instrument is a member of the percussion family and is often played by striking a stretched skin with a stick. There are many types of this instrument such as bongos. What is the name given to these instruments?

A: Drums  

Q: The harmonica is a small instrument that used to be made of wood but is now more commonly made of different types of plastic and metal. How do you play this instrument? 

A: With your mouth  

Q: This musical instrument belongs to the woodwind family, is played by blowing into a mouthpiece, and has twenty or more tone holes. What is the name of this instrument? 

A: Saxophone  

Q: This musical instrument consists of many strings which are plucked by the hands of the musician. What is the name of this instrument that is often associated with Ireland? 

A: Harp  

Q: Instruments are grouped into four different types: brass, woodwind, strings, and percussion. Which of the following instruments is a member of the strings family? 

A: Cello  

Q: Which European city was divided by a wall that separated a capitalist system in the west from a communist society to the east? 

A: Berlin  

Q: The Cold War was a war of words and hostility mainly between the USSR and which country? 

A: USA  

Q: In the late '60's and early '70's, a number of men were sent into space in the Apollo missions. Where did they land? 

A: Moon  

Q: Nelson Mandela is celebrated around the world as a man who advanced the issue of racism. Of which African country was he the president? 

A: South Africa  

Q: What was the name of the Princess of Wales who died in 1997 as the result of a car crash in Paris? 

A: Diana 

Q: In 1997, who became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? A:Tony Blair Q:On September 11th, 2001, many were killed in New York City as the result of a terrorist attack. Which of these buildings was involved?

A: World Trade Center 

Q: Saddam Hussein was the dictator of a Middle Eastern country where a war began in 2003. What is the name of this country? 

A: Iraq 

Q: In 2008, the 28th Olympic Games mainly took place in which Asian city? 

A: Beijing  

Q: One of the very first superheroes was Superman, the Man of Steel, and one of his powers was the ability to fly. What's the name of the natural force that keeps ordinary people down to earth? 

A: Gravity