Devil's Den Quiz Ⅴ

​Q: After Peter Parker was bitten by a special spider, he gained many of the spider's abilities and became Spider-Man. What type of animal is a spider? 

A: Arachnid  

Q: Magneto's amazing powers come from his ability to manipulate and use magnetic fields. Which of the following would be most affected by Magneto's powers? 

A: A steel paper clip  

Q: From Violet (in "The Incredibles") to the Invisible Woman (in "The Fantastic Four"), many superheroes have had the ability appear invisible. When Violet is visible, how do people see her? 

A: Light bounces off of Violet and into their eyes.  

Q: Daredevil is blind, but he uses sound to "see" the shapes of objects, like sonar. What other creatures and objects use sonar to "see"? 

A: Bats and submarines  

Q: The Flash runs very, very quickly, but according to science, there's something that's even faster. What is the fastest thing in the universe? 

A: A supernova explosion  

Q:The amazing powers of the X-Men come from genetic mutations. Frequent mutations are a very important part of what process in biology? 


Q:Iron Man lives inside metal armor that allows him to perform incredible feats. Many animals also keep their skeletons on the outside of their bodies. What is such a skeleton called? 


Q: Many superheroes have fought against the Kree, the Skrull, and other powerful aliens from other galaxies. What is the name of our galaxy? 

A: The Milky Way 

Q:How often do the Summer Olympic Games take place? 

A:Every four years  

Q:When and where did the original Ancient Olympic Games take place? 

A:Over two thousand years ago in Greece  

Q:The modern Olympic Games were started by an organisation called the IOC. What do the letters IOC stand for? 

A:International Olympic Committee  

Q:The flag of the Olympic Games has five coloured rings joined together. What do the rings represent? 

A:The continents of the world  

Q:The Olympic Flame is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Before the Games start, it is carried around the world to where the Games will take place. Where does its journey begin? 

A:Olympia in Greece