Devil's Den Quiz Ⅶ

​Q: You can find me up a palm tree. I am brown on the outside and white on the inside. I am very hard, and I sometimes fall on people's heads!| 

A: Coconut  

Q: I grow on a vine. I can be red or green and your mum and dad drink my juice in wine.| 

A: Grapes  

Q: Roald Dahl wrote about a boy called James and his adventures on a flying fruit. The book is called, 'James and the Giant _______'. 

A: Peach 

Q: I am very much like an orange. I am the same colour but a little bit smaller.

A: Tangerine  

Q:I am bright red. I have all my seeds on the outside, and I am sometimes served with cream. 


Q: Which of these isn't a fruit? I am found underground, can be made into fries, and can also be baked!

A: Potato  

Q: What is the name of the invisible line that runs right around the Earth's middle, dividing it into two halves? 

A: The Equator 

Q:What is the name of the organ in our bodies that pumps blood? 


Q:What is the name of the gas in the air that keeps us alive? 


Q: What happens if you melt something? 

A: It changes from a solid to a liquid 

Q:Which of these living things does NOT have a backbone? 


Q:If the moon is full, what shape is it in the sky? 


Q:If I dissolve sugar in water, what have I made? 

A:A solution 

Q: Planet Earth is the ______ planet from the Sun.

A: third

Q: Which of these is the hottest? 

A: The Sun 

Q: What is lightning made of? 

A: Electricity