Devil's Den Quiz I

Q: Office paper is typically sold in packs of 500 sheets. What is this pack called? 

A: Ream

Q: If you are "intestate", what don't you have? 

A: A will 

Q: "Midori," "verde," "vert," and "Gruen" all translate to what English word? 

A: green 

Q: What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet? 

A: Omega 

Q: In New York City, on which street is the New York Stock Exchange? 

A: Wall Street  

Q: What agency of the United States Department of Defense is responsible for the creation and development of new military technology? 


Q: I'm standing under the 'Brandenburger Tor', it's 'Weihnachten', it's snowing, and the smell of 'Apfel Strudel' fills the air! Which country am I in? 

A: Germany  

Q: Where was the United States capital located during most of George Washington's two terms as President? 

A: Philadelphia 

Q: Which word best describes the union of two political parties with the aim of having sufficient combined     elected members to form a government? A:coalition Q:What biological family does the alpaca belong to? 

A: Camelidae 

Q: What are the main reasons to domesticate alpacas? 

A: For their wool and meat 

Q: On average, how long does a healthy alpaca live? 

A: Aprox. 10-15 years