Devil's Den Quiz II

​Q: An alpaca's gestation period is approximately the same length as which other animal? 

A: Horse 

Q: Where am I if I am visiting the largest city in Africa enjoying mint tea and baklava, while watching feluccas sail up and down the Nile river? 

A: Cairo 

Q: If I decided to take a Caribbean Cruise which one of these island nations would I NOT be able to visit? 

A: Tahiti 

Q: If I told you I was going to watch the Daytona 500 in person, to which American state would I be traveling? 

A: Florida  

Q: To which of the following countries will I need to travel to if I wish to see the prehistoric hill figure known as the Uffington White Horse? 

A: England  

Q: To which continent am I going if I have decided to visit the Ellsworth Mountains, Queen Maud Land, and Deception Island? 

A: Antarctica  

Q: If I told you I was going to take a river cruise and visit Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava, which river would I be gliding down? 

A: Danube 

Q: To which Asian country am I traveling if I am going to visit the Forbidden City? 

A: China  

Q: If I decided that I wanted to go visit Bondi Beach (one of the most beautiful beaches in the world), to which country would I be traveling? 

A: Australia 

Q: Which of the following methods will I be most likely to use if I want to make the trek up a mountain to see the ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu in Peru? 

A: Riding a donkey  

Q: To which Canadian Province will I be going if I tell you I am off to see the Calgary Stampede? 

A: Alberta 

Q: I have been driving through a northwestern state and have traveled through the towns of Starbuck, Walla Walla, Port Angeles, and Olympia. Which state am I in? 


Q: I am in a state with beautiful peach orchards and many Civil War battlefields. I have passed through Macon, Augusta, Peachtree City, and Marietta. What state am I in? 

A: Georgia  

Q: I am looking at the Rocky Mountains, and I am at the Continental Divide. I have been to Missoula, Whitefish, Big Fork, and Butte. What state am I in? 

A: Montana  

Q: I am now in a state that is the crossroads of the Revolutionary War. I have driven through Atlantic City and the towns of Somerville, Tenafly, Springfield, and Hoboken. Where am I? 

A: New Jersey  

Q: I am in a state that has a lot of farmland and a big city. The towns of New Salem, Springfield, Metropolis, and Champaign all have special sites. I am in the Midwest in a state known for its corn and prairies. Where am I? 

A: Illinois  

Q :I have crossed the Mississippi River and visited the towns of Amana, Grand Junction, Fort Dodge and Dubuque. This state has been referred to as "America's Heartland." Which state am I in? 

A :Iowa  

Q: I am driving through another town by the name of Springfield, as well as St. Joseph, Creve Coeur, and Cape Girardeau. I am in the Midwest. Which state am I in? 

A: Missouri  

Q: I am now in a state that is one of the "four corners" states where four states meet at one point. The towns of Alamogordo, Taos, Truth or Consequences, and Mescalero are interesting for their history and rich heritage. Where am I?

 A: New Mexico