DPS Maintenance 07/26 @ 2:00 AM EDT

Greetings Dragonians,

In order to bring you a more enjoyable gaming experience, all Dragon Pals servers will have a routine maintenance on July 26th from 2:00-4:00 am EDT (14:00-16:00 GMT+8). The maintenance is expected to last two hours; however, the server may open earlier or later depending on how the maintenance goes. Thank you for your patience!

New Updates in this Maintenance:

1.  All servers (including new server) will launch Travel event on July 26th (lasting 7 days). Exchange duration about 10 days. At the meantime, Dawdler Pack is purchasable on SHOP

2.  Several kinds of gift packs will be on sale from August 4th to August 10th, each pack lasting only 1 day for sale.

3. Updated same name bug (solution concerning this issue: numbers like1,2,3… are added to these names, and a Rename Card will be delivered to Inventory as a compensation)

All the above are for changes will be made subject to how the maintenance goes. Wish you enjoy the game!