DPS Server Merges for 12/25 @ 1:00 AM EST

​Dear Dragonians, 

We will be merging S3, S5 and S6 on 12/25. These three servers will be coming down at 1:00 AM EST and are scheduled to be back up and running at 3:00 AM EST. 

Below are the server merge rules for Dragon Pals: 

1. Once servers are merged, characters with identical names will be given a chance to rename their character for free. 
2. If there are identical guild names, the guild master will be given the chance to rename the guild for free. 
3. Characters level 30 and below who haven’t recharged or logged in for 1+ months will be deleted from the system. 
4. Friendships with deleted characters will be severed. 
5. If a deleted character was a guild master, the title will be handed down to the character with the highest Battle Rating. 
6. Rankings will reset at 4:00 AM (Server time). 
7. The previous day’s farm profit and events will be deleted and master-servant relationships will be terminated. 
8. All mail except those with attachments will be deleted.
9. Earned titles will be kept; however, honor titles may change with the merge.
10. The Arena along with all rankings will reset after the merge. 
11. Warrior’s Tower achievements will be reset. 
12. Hero’s Tower achievements will be reset, however achievement rewards can still be claimed. 
13. Guild Battle will reset and open the week following the server merge. 
14. If items were sold in the Market to a deleted character, those items will be returned to the Market and available for purchase to all players. 
15. Level up blessing packs and Battle Rating blessing packs will be reset. 
16. EXP Recovery system will be reset. 
17. Legendary Challenges will be reset. 
18. Marriage Records will be removed. 

Following the merge, we will have a recharge event for the new server! See below for details:

Recharging 500 Golds :
Summer Outfit (7 Days), 50 Stamina, Life Source x5, Life Crystal x5, Superior EXP Potion x5, Lvl. 6 Enchantment Stone x10

Recharging 1000 Golds : Lvl. 3 Gem Chestx1, 100 Stamina, Life Source x5, Life Crystal x5, Superior EXP Potion x10, Lvl. 6 Enchantment Stone x10

Recharging 2000 Golds : Lvl. 4 Gem Chest x1, 200 Stamina, Life Source x5, Life Crystal x5, Superior EXP Potion x10, Lvl. 7 Enchantment Stonex10

Recharging 5000 Golds : Pirate Outfit (Permanent), 300 Stamina, Life Source x8, Life Crystal x8, Ultimate EXP Potion x10, Dragon Spirit x100000

Recharging 10000 Golds : Lvl. 5 Gem Chest x1, 400 Stamina, Life Source x12, Life Crystal x12, Ultimate EXP Potion x10, Dragon Spirit x300000

Recharging 30000 Golds : Lvl. 6 Gem Chest x1, 500 Stamina, Life Source x20, Life Crystal x20, Legendary EXP Potion x10, Golden Feather x10000

Recharging 50000 Golds : Lvl. 7 Gem Chest, Lvl. 7 HP Gem, 800 Stamina, Life Source x30, Life Crystal x30, Golden Feather x20000