Dragon Pals 2.0 Has Arrived!

Dragon Pals 2.0 is going live on all servers on July 12th at 02:00:00 am to 04:00:00 am EDT (14:00 GMT+8), and time may be extended if necessary. We thank everyone for their patience and support as we make our final preparations for the new release. The game will need to reload, so please be patient as it may take longer than usual to get back in the server. If you happen to encounter a black screen or get stuck on a loading page, please clear cookies/cache and restart your browser so you can continue your Dragon Pals experience! Check out the links below for a first look at the changes to come!

      1.      Title System 

       2.      New Items in Shop 

      3.      Holy Seal System

      4.      Level 70 Equipment  

      5.      Level 30 in the Hero Tower

      6.      New Fund System 

      7.      Bug Resistance Event

      8.      New Wing Updates 

      9.      Wardrobe Updates 

              10.    Guild Battle   (effected on July 15th)

We hope that these changes will be welcome additions in game, and can’t wait to see what you think of them.


Best of Luck!

The Dragon Pals Team