Dragon Pals 3.0 is on its way.

This is no regular update. A whole new world in Dragon pals 3.0 is coming, You've asked for a bigger, better experience, so in addition to the usual fixes and tweaks, we’ll be bringing a whole host of new ways to customize your characters, battle with friends, and enjoy the bonuses of being a VIP. Here’s a quick look at the changes that’ll be coming in August: And Version 3.0 is coming on S1, 2:00am 20th August, so the server will be closed in that time for 2 hours for maintenance. Please be patient for 3.0’s coming, and thanks for your understanding. 

New Systems:  
Seven Dragon’s World added 
Dragon Guardian added 
“Medal” System 
Legendary Challenge
Happy Fight 

Cross Server:  
Cross-server “Cage Match” (for servers in the same time zone) 
Cross-server “Treasure Hunt” (for servers in the same time zone) 

What’s more? :
New Level up Gift Pack in Game 
More benefits added in VIP Daily Pack and Level Up Pack 
New hot events 
New Fancy Wings
New Clothing 
New Wishing Well Spirit Offering 
Events time and rewards have been changed 
Cage match and devil match merge to be Devil Cage match; you can get Dragon coins and magic 
coins in Devil Cage match 

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We believe you’ll enjoy the changes that are coming to Dragon Pals 3.0, and we’ll have more details regarding the update soon. See you in the game! 

- The Dragon Pals Team