Dragon Pals’ Most Talented

Event Time:  July 22th - July 28th 2013

Servers:  All Servers

Do you know the ins and outs of everything Dragon Pals? Show others how you do what you do and be rewarded! Every week some new topics will be posted asking players to give the best guide possible on whatever the topic happens to be. From the guides posted, two of the posts along with the author’s character details (Character name, Battle Rating, etc.) will be selected each week to be posted in Dragon Pals “secret dragon cave.” What are you waiting for? Get ready to show the world why you’re the best of the best!

Rewards for the last week’s posts:

Excellent Awards for Topic Equipment:

DawnStrider,S12 [Easy Equipment How-to's: Acquisition and Blacksmithing Options];

Butterfly, S2 [All about your equipment]

For more info about the Dragon Cave, please click HERE.

For full introduction on this event, please click HERE to see forum post.

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The Dragon Pals Team