Dragon Pals New Version Arriving!

Added Lvl.110 and lvl.120 items to dungeons
Added converting, evolving, and casting options for Lvl.110 and lvl.120 items
Added Lvl.110 and lvl.120 dungeons

Added another level to Artifact Upgrades
Added Artifact purified

[Dragon Guardian]
Expanded dragon guardian traits
Expanded dragon guardian talents
Expanded dragon essence levels
Expanded dragon essence evolves

Optimization and Adjustment
1.Adjusted devil cage match rewards.
2.Added Eudaemon
3.Added Socket Star orbs
4.Greedy unlockable dragon
5.Extended gem resonance power upgrades to lvl.120
6.Added the following items to the exchange shop: lvl.6 purple crystals, lvl. 110 items and lvl. 120 items.
7.Added higher level medals
8.Added a new Demon
9.Added a Holy Seal skill
10.Added items to the Shop
11.Added skills for artifacts, nymphs, and items
12.Added a list for the items

There will be new events, fashionable outfits, nymphs, adorable pets, and wings!
Come join us in Dragon Pals!

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