Dragon Pals - Patch Note March 15th

​For a more enjoyable player experience, S1 will receive the update first in the form of a pre-launch; however, the rest of the servers should receive the update shortly after following no mishaps. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. As always, we thank each and every one of you for your continued support! 

New system: 

1. Saintly Power: Contains seven therions' power. Use to increase character properties. Source: Event. 
2. [New Event] Lucky Booth 

Adjustment and optimization: 

1. Add new Growth Wings “Holy Angel Wings 
2. Add new Nymph: Arya 
3. Add spending Gold Coin to claim 7 Dragons Double EXP. 
4. Add Mythic quality for Dragon Evolution. 
5. Add Gem Purification introduction in Upgrade Battle Rating. 
6. Optimize Nymph Bestow, the blessing points will be remained. 
7. Optimize game resources, expedite loading speed. 
8. Optimize reset function in Fancy Wings, spend a certain amount of Gold Coins to reserve development progress. 
9. Blessing points won’t be reset to start value when Dragon Essence quality reaches Legendary or above. 
10. Add new function in Private Chat Panel: Click on character name to view the function menu. 
11. Add champion mail notice for Cross Server Challenges. 
12. Add close button for Hot Event Golden Pack (Only have Claim for now.) 
13. Add bound status in Pet Dragon Transformation Card tips. 
14. Add new EXP Potion, use it to obtain enough EXP to level character to the next level. 
15. Optimize Dragon Guardian Skills effect tips panel. 
16. Add new Wardrobe EXP item, use it to increase Wardrobe EXP. 
17. Optimize Timed item expiration notice and temporary Buff display, some of the restricted scenes will be not shown again. 
18. Optimize Trivia Challenge announcement display during the event. 
19. Add Battle Rune Mark level when viewing player info. 
20. Modify calculation method for discount items in shop. 
21. Add Lvl. 3 Jade exchange for Wishing Well. 
22. Adjust daily MP Dungeon Card attempts. It’s now twice per day. 
23. Adjust warehouse: Timed items cannot be put in warehouse. 

Fixed bugs: 

1. Fixed the Battle Report.bug. 
2. Fixed the 7 Dragons error notice bug. 
3. Fixed the Tower Climbing First Blow Reward bug