Dragon Pets

Dragons are the most powerful ally you can acquire in Dragon Pals. They have been sealed away from the world and require you to unlock their powers and bring back order to a world in turmoil.

Each dragon has its own set of unique skills; depending on your class some dragons may be more useful than others. As you free new dragons, your dragons will grow in strength. Dragon Orbs may also be used to increase your dragon’s power.

Dragon Soul is used to Train and Raise your dragon. The greater your dragon’s Training, the better their base stats will be. As you Raise your dragon, you will be able to control which attributes you strength to best suit your battle needs. Dragons may also be Morphed, by morphing a dragon you will be able to directly influence the appearance of your dragon while significantly increasing its Battle Rating.

Dragon strength is superimposed, meaning that you will not lose any of the benefits acquired through training or other specializations by switching between dragons.