Dragon's Hoard

The Dragon’s Hoard unlocks upon reaching level 60. Players can access the function by clicking the “Dragon’s Hoard” icon at the top of the screen.


1. Players have 1 free attempt daily and can use Gold Coins to buy an extra attempt daily.

2. Free attempts reset every day at 4 a.m., purchased attempts will remain after the reset.

3. Players can use Resurrection Pills or Gold Coins to resurrect their Dragon Guardian if it dies and continue the challenge. Canceling the Resurrection will reset the challenge progress. (Attempt already been used would not be returned.)

4. Reset to continue challenging from Lvl. 1 or a previously defeated level.

Challenging the Treasure Guardian

1. Players must send one of their Dragon Guardians to fight against the Treasure Guardian in the Dragon’s Hoard.

2. A stronger Treasure Guardian will be unlocked each time the current guardian is defeated. Stronger Treasure Guardians provide better rewards.

Dragon Guardian Bonding

1. Dragon Guardian bonding pieces may drop during challenges; they will be placed in the Dragon Bond inventory for players to equip to their Dragon Guardians.

2. There are 6 kinds of Dragon Guardian bonding pieces (referred to as dragon scraps). Consume unwanted pieces to get EXP to upgrade other pieces, similar to the astral system.

  • Dragon Guardian scraps (eyes, wings, claws, teeth, scales, and tail) will be placed within the Dragon Bond inventory for players to equip to their activated Dragon Guardians.
  • Drag a dragon scrap into a slot to equip or synthesize it with another equipped dragon scrap.
  • Players can lock bonding items so that they will not be consumed when synthesizing.
  • Items will be put into a temporary inventory once the inventory is full. Temporary items will be sold after 2 days if not claimed.

This system will be coming on September 14th!