Event: Let's get hitched!

Event: Let's get hitched!
​Time: 00:00 09/18/2013-23:59 09/22/2013 This event is for S1-S32 now, new server will gain access to this event after Server open 9 days.
Marriage System is live on all servers now, Find your partner to get married! During the activity time, holding a Wedding can collect rewards once per day! Go and marry your partner and hold a Wedding right now!

Reward Preview:

Hold an Ordinary Wedding 1 time. Flowers x10, Serendipity Points x1000.

Hold a Luxurious Wedding 1 time. 99 Rose x1, Serendipity Points x3000.

Hold an Extravagant Wedding 1 time 99 Rose x2, Serendipity Points x20000.