Fund System

Players may now purchase a special growth fund prior to reaching level 35. This new growth fund will return Gold Coins (up to 800% the original amount put towards the fund) to players every time their character gains 5 levels. Each time the character upgrades 5 levels, he or she will receive a Gold Coin gift pack of 50, 100, 300, or 400 Gold Coins. Players who purchase the Fund between level 30 and level 35 can also receive the Gold Coins gift pack for level 30. 

Yet another option for players whether or not they have purchased the Growth Fund is the 7 Day Fund. This fund allows players to receive Gold Coins back daily based on the amount of money they put towards the fund. This can be repurchased every 7 days.

Notes: The option for purchasing this particular growth fund will disappear after level 35, so get it before it’s too late! Gold Coins returned via this Fund system are not available for use in the market.