Guild Battle

​The top 8 guilds can now compete against each other in Guild Battle to be handsomely rewarded! Guild Battle occurs every week and consists of 3 separate battles: Elite Four, Elite Two, and The Finals.  

The top 8 guilds will compete in the Elite Four to find out which four will move on to the Elite Two battle. The last two guilds standing will compete in The Finals to discover the true top guild! Fight for your guild’s honor and discover the rewards within! 

Once Guild Battle has opened, players will have 5 minutes to prep before the event begins. 

Once the event begins, “Go” will pop up next to each of the three paths to choose from to begin an attack. Players can gain Bravery Points by making it to the midpoint or end of a path as well as by winning a battle with a player from the rival guild.

Each guild is equipped with Field Artillery which will launch attacks upon members of the rival guild once they cross the midpoint on the battlefield. Artillery has 10 default shells; however, the Guild Master may spend Guild Wealth to purchase more. Artillery may also be upgraded in Guild Buildings to provide even greater attacks.

Once the battle has ended, participants will be awarded their Bravery Points which may be exchanged in the Bravery Shop for rare items.