​Guilds are a great way to build friendships and successfully demolish hordes monsters, all while gaining access to useful features and an abundance of rewards. Join or create a guild to begin paving the path to victory with your fellow comrades!

Players may join a guild by accepting a guild invite, applying and being accepted, or by creating their own (guild creation requires 15 Gold or 200,000 Amethyst). After joining a guild, players will have access to a great number of new features and events!

Guild Wealth – Donations from guild members will increase the overall guild wealth. Guild wealth is required to pay the weekly guild membership fee as well as upgrade various aspects within the guild itself.

Guild Shop – Guild members may purchase many useful items here.


Guild Warehouse – Find yourself running out of Inventory space? You may store additional equipment and items in the Guild Warehouse.


Guild Academy – The Guild Academy is used to research and upgrade technologies which are needed to increase your overall strength. The level of your Guild Academy affects how high you may upgrade certain technologies. These technologies, once researched, may be learned by members of the guild in the “Tech” panel.


Guild Mail– Guild members may communicate with one another using Guild Mail, a private mail interface just for guild members.


Guild Events – Participate in various Guild Events to earn special items, Amethyst, gems, EXP and so much more!