Marriage System's Brief introduction: Part 1

​Marriage System's Brief introduction: Part 1

Let’s Get Married!
Brief Introduction to Marriage System in Dragon Pals
1. Preview: Two players are able to become a couple through the marriage system in the game when they both meet the following requirements in Rules Guide. The couple could unlock Predestined Marriage and activate ring attributes, acquiring extra marriage attributes. Players could upgrade Predestined Marriage to obtain more attributes, and increase Affectionate Values to convert the quality of the ring thus to get more attributes.
2. Rules Guide
a. Both reaching level ≥ lvl.40
b. Suitors are supposed to carry rings (Rings are purchasable in the SHOP, currently only available for Congenial Lovers Ring in white color and Inseparable Lovers Ring in green color, rings in high quality could be obtained via upgrading and converting). Rings will be delivered via gift pack to the beloved ones.
c. Both being single
d. Being mutual friends
e. Being in opposite sex.