Merry Cyanusmas

Event Type: Continuous Login Event 

Duration: 12/18 – 12/26 

Description: The dragon pet elves have been talking about how many Cyanus Shards were dropped in the snow just around Dragonia recently. The elves need you to find these shards before they melt with the snow. Log in each day from 12/18 to 12/26 to receive some of these missing Cyanus Shards. Upon collecting 20 of these shards, you may then exchange them for a Cyanus Morph Card in the blacksmith. 

 12/18 – Cyanus Shard x2, Superior EXP Potion x5, Backpack Expansion Card x1, Superior EXP Scroll x1, EXP Recovery Card x2 

 12/19 – Cyanus Shard x2, Dragon Coin x200, Magic Coin x200, 100 Stamina 

 12/20 – Cyanus Shard x2, Bounty Chest x1, Flowers x10, Demon Tower Key x2, Pesticide x3 

 12/21 – Cyanus Shard x2, Lvl. 2 Contribution Potion x2, Deluxe Exercise Card x1, Offline Exercise Card x1 

 12/22 – Cyanus Shard x2, Pick Card Runestone x5, Life Source x10, Life Crystal x10, Christmas Stocking x2 

 12/23 – Cyanus Shard x2, Lvl. 1 Jade x20, Primary Dragon Crystal x5, Advanced Dragon Crystal x5, Christmas Stocking x2 

 12/24 – Cyanus Shard x3, Basic Mortal Runestone x5, Blessing x5, Christmas Stocking x5 

 12/25 – Cyanus Shard x3, Lvl. 3 Gem Chest x1, VIP Growth Card x10, Christmas Stocking x5 

 12/26 – Cyanus Shard x2, Magic Box x5, Christmas Stocking x5 ​

Notice: You will be collecting from your gift pack so don’t miss the gifts or Santa may reclaim them.