Misty Downs Server Activity: Level Up

Our new server Misty Downs is going live on June 27th at 8:00 am PDT, and we've got a special activity lined up for its launch. Reach the goals and earn “Level Up” packs that contain some very special rewards.


* Lucky Coins can be used in the Wishing Well.

* Double click your Dragon Coins to open the Arena Shop, and exchange for Relics, Belts, Pants, Boots, Lvl. 2 Blue Crystals, and Lvl. 2 Magic Crystal Stones.

* Double click your Magic Coins to open the Crypt Shop, and exchange for Lvl. 2 Yellow Crystals, Lvl. 2 Sacred Moon Stones, Rings, and Necklaces.

Note: Rewards will be sent as Gift Packs.

See you on Glade of Kaada,
The Dragon Pals Team