New Forum Event

Storytellers of Dragonia, this is your chance to weave a tale of your adventures, yourself or your marriage. This event is a forum only event, not a game event so  the skill is in how you craft your story, not how you play the game. This event will run from 3rd of November til the 10th of November.

Here are the rules that need to be followed:

1) All stories must follow forum rules and be original.
2) All stories need to involve some aspect of Dragon pals.
3) Players can provide more than one story, ONLY one story from each player is eligible for a reward.
4) There is a cap of 1000 words and a maximun of two
5) Please provide the character name and server.
6) The winners will be contacted by the Forum mods by PM


1st: 99 roses, 1,1000 Vouchers, VIP Card (1 month), honor*5000
2nd: Vip Card (1 month), 500 Vouchers,honor*2000
3nd: Halloween Outfit (7 day),200 Voucher, honor*1000

Participation Reward: Amethyst Charm*5, Dragon Soul Charm*5 Bounty Charm*3 (per story posted that meets the event requirements)