New Oceanic Server El Alamein: Level Up

Our new Oceanic server El Alamein is going live on August 8th at 11:00 AM GMT+8, and we’ve got a special activity lined up for its launch. Reach the goals and earn “Level Up” packs that contain some very special rewards.

Goals & Rewards:

Reach lvl. 30 within 7 days of server launch:     Lucky Coin x1,Ultimate EXP Scroll x1, Voucher x20, Dragon Coin x10, Magic Coin x5, Amethyst x50000

Reach lvl. 32 within 7 days of server launch:      Lucky Coin x2, Seed Box x1, Voucher x100, Dragon Coin x50, Magic Coin x25

Reach lvl. 35 within 7 days of server launch:      Lucky Coin x3, Seed Box x2, Voucher x200, Dragon Coin x100, Magic Coin x50

Reach lvl. 38 within 7 days of server launch:      Lucky Coin x5, Seed Box x5, Voucher x300, Dragon Coin x150, Magic Coin x75


1. Lucky Coins can be used in the Wishing Well.

2. Double click your Dragon Coins to open the Arena Shop, and exchange for Relics, Belts, Pants, Boots, Lvl. 2 Blue Crystals, and Lvl. 2 Magic Crystal Stones.

3. Double click your Magic Coins to open the Crypt Shop, and exchange for Lvl. 2 Yellow Crystals, Lvl. 2 Sacred Moon Stones, Rings, and Necklaces.

Note: Rewards will be sent as Gift Packs.

See you on El Alamein,

The Dragon Pals Team