New Server Jade Coast

Greetings Dragonians, 

We are pleased to announce that our newest server Jade Coast (Oceanic) will be going live on January 16th at GMT+8 10:00 AM, and we've got some special activities lined up for its launch. 

What are the activities you say? Well I'm glad you asked they are: 

New Server 
Events New servers will now have a New Server Event guide, earn tons of great rewards and see where you qualify! You can even help earn rewards for the members of you guild, too! 

Group Events 

Players may now earn server-wide rewards by completing group events in the Hot Events list. 

Consecutive Login Rewards 

Duration: For the first 7 days after a server opens.  
Event Description: For the first 7 days after a server opens, players will be able to claim consecutive login rewards for unique prizes! Each day has its own unique prizes.  

Taming the Tiger: Buy Gold for Gold 

Duration: This event will start on the 7th day after the server opens and last for 2 days.  
Event Description: This is two events in one, you have the chance to buy gold for gold and gain gold for limited use in the game. You may even Tame the tiger and gain the famed tiger to fight along side you in battle, it's your choice. 

Earn Points , Get Free wings 

Duration: This event will start on the 9th day after the server opens and last for 5 days. (So don't wear yourself out too badly Taming the Tiger...) 
Event Description: During this Event, the more Gold Coins you Spend, the more Rewards you'll receive. The Rewards include Rainbow Wings, Lucky Coins and many other cool items. Returned gold coins count towards your points. 

For complete event information check out our Official Forum

See you in the Jade Coast

DPS Team ​