New Shop Items

Harvest Card: This card can be used in the farm to provide players with 100% of their harvest whether or not the produce has been stolen by other players.

Exercise Cards: Players may now purchase Basic, Deluxe, and Advanced Exercise Cards for increasing bonuses for up to 8 hours (cannot be used in conjunction with a room bonus).  

Offline Exercise Cards: Use this card to gain an extra 30% EXP bonus while offline.  

Resurrection Pill: Used when a player needs to resurrect, if owned this will be used in place of Gold Coins.  

Devil’s Den Treasure Map: Use this item in the Devil’s Den to open up a treasure finding mini map. 

Guild System Additions: Acceleration Cards for cutting down on cooldown times as well as Contribution Bills for increasing Contribution and Wealth have been added.

Bounty Quest Additions: Bounty Refresh Charms as well as Bounty Completion Charms have been added used for refreshing or completing bounty quests automatically.

Equipment Additions: Refining Stones have been added and can be used to replace Gold Coins when Refining equipment.