Patch Note 01.09.2014

Server: Us East 1-14 (upgrade on 9th Jan.) 
Server: All Servers (upgrade on 14th Jan.) 

New Systems: 
1. Nymph System --- Get More 
2. Group System 
3. New Server Events system --- Sorry, It's secret. 
4. Nightmare Seven Dragon --- Sorry, It's secret too. 

Adjustments and Changes:  

1. The Dragon Coin Shop, Magic Coin Shop, Bravery Shop and Wishing Shop have been added to the Exchange Shop.
2. Optimized Battle Rating upgrade guide.
3. Added a confirm panel to the Recycle system.
4. Optimized the Legendary Challenges display in the Guide, and added an EXP Pills to the Guide. 
5. Optimized several of the event icons to make game play smoother. 
6. Added a Couple Blessing icon. 
7. Increased the Holy Land Quest to 25 levels. 
8. Optimized the Bounty System by adding a link to help players finish the quest faster.  
9. Bounty Charms can be used to get 5 star bounty quest. 
10. Added several system guides to help players. 
11. Added links in to the quest panel help players complete quests. 
12. MP Dungeons now unlock at Lvl. 34. 
13. Optimized Blitz by allowing players to do some non-battle operations while blitzing. 
14. Optimized Hot Events, added Server Group Events (if one players on a server meets the reward requirements, all the players can receive various rewards, too) 
15. Changed some of the background music. 
16. Changed the Lucky Wheel reset time to midnight. 
17. Lvl. 20 Mythic Jewelery Set and Lvl. 30 Outstanding equipment are available in the Shop. 
18. Added Nymph Battle Rating Ranking. 
19. Added MP Dungeon Card to increase MP Dungeon attempts for players. It will be sent as a gift for some events. 
20. Integrated EXP Recovery, Check-in Rewards and Activity Rewards into Reward Lobby. 
21. Added a Golden Seed to the game. 

Group System 

Players may now earn server-wide rewards by completing group events in the Hot Events list.