Pet Potential

With the addition of Pet Potential, players can now upgrade their pet dragons even further!

As players increase pet potential, attributes will be affected accordingly.

Growth Factor is used to represent the potential of Dragon Pets and their attributes. The higher the Growth Factor, higher the growth of attributes!

System Intro

1. Pet Potential can be found within the Pet Dragon interface once character level reaches Lvl. 40. In order for a pet dragon to be able to upgrade its potential, the player must own the pet’s specific Morph Card, Pet Shards, or Pet Crystals. 

2. Different upgrade materials offer different amounts of experience. EXP overflow will carry over to the next level.

3. When the EXP bar is full, a certain number of coins will be required to achieve the final result.

4. Once the final results are achieved, the pet dragon’s attributes will increase according to the new growth factor.


1. The pet potential upper limit is 20 stars with a growth factor of 4.8.

2. Pet Crystals have the same effect as Dragon Pet Shards when increasing the potential of a random pet dragon.

3. Pet dragons that have not been raised will not receive additional benefits from pet potential until after they have been raised.

4. Players can also view the pet dragon’s growth factor via the Morph panel.

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