[Promotion] Bonus VIP Gem Pack

Duration: May 30th – June 2nd
Server: S4
Requirements: Activate VIP

Description: Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra bling bling every now and then? During the activity period, players on Dragon Pals’ Server 4 who activate their VIP will be given a free Gem Pack worth more than 300 Gold Coins (worth more than 40% of 1-month VIP)! Don’t miss out on your chance for free gems!

Gem Pack Contents:
Lvl. 2 HP Gem x1
Lvl. 2 MDEF Gem x1
Lvl. 2 PDEF Gem x1
Lvl.2 Purple Crystal x20


* Free Gem Packs will be sent as Gift Packs within 24 hours of the VIP recharge. Please keep an eye on the in game Gift Pack button to make sure you get the Gem Pack in time.

* Each character may only redeem this reward once.