Solo Showdown

Great solo duel, supreme cross-server match, the Solo Showdown arrives!

[Level Requirement] 

Lvl. 50+ players can participate in the event all day around. Click this icon to enter. 


1. The upgrade of stages are based on the points players earned. The system matches players with similar points with you, which has nothing to do with Battle Rating or character level. Players have a chance to earn more points and upgrade to higher stages as long as they persist to challenge.
2. Stage upgrade will not only give awesome rewards, but also symbolize the honor. You’ll be the Unearthly King as long as you persevere.
Players can advance to higher stages upon earning enough points. Players may check the stage details for more info. Stages are used to measure the power of a character. Once completed, stages will be downgraded, with the exception of the Unearthly King Stage. Players must fight hard to stay in that stage, otherwise they will be downgraded to Supreme Commander.

1. Solo Showdown is comprised of seasons. After each season ends, points, rankings and rewards will reset. Currently, each season lasts for 1 week. Each season will be finalized on Monday at 5 a.m., and a new one will start.
2. Within a season, each player has unlimited challenge attempts. When they complete daily 10 challenges, they can receive daily rewards.
3. Players with a similar amount of points will be matched for battles (but players in the Supreme Commander Stage or above are matched randomly).
4. Each player gets an initial 900 points. Win battles to earn points, if you lose, points will be deducted. When players start an active challenge, they can use items to obtain buff bonus, which only take effect in active challenges.

Point Bonus Medal: After being used, win the active challenge to earn double points, lose the challenge won’t deduct the buff attempts.
Pardon Medal: After being used, lose the active challenge won’t deduct your points, win the challenge won’t deduct the buff attempts.

5. When involved in a passive challenge, both the Point Bonus Medal and the Pardon Medal won’t give buffs. Win the battle to earn points, if you lose, your points will be deducted.
6. In the Battle Log part, you can view nearly 10 battle logs, including active challenges and passive challenges. 


1. Daily Rewards: You can claim the daily rewards once when you have started 10 active challenges on that day. The Daily Rewards reset at 4 a.m. the next day.
2. Stage Rewards: You can claim the stage rewards for your current stages. Rewards for each stage can only be claimed once per season. Rewards reset at 5 a.m. every Monday.
3. Season Rewards: Rewards are calculated on Monday at 5 a.m. each week. Reward titles become valid immediately and reward items will be sent to players via mail; server ranking rewards are calculated on Monday at midnight according to the Hall of Fame rankings. Local server ranking rewards are calculated on Monday at 4 a.m. according to ranking data. Stage rewards are calculated in real time.