Star Soul Dungeons

Does the BR obtained by lighting up Stars in Zodiac feel far from enough? Don’t worry, check the following!

Compared with Zodiac Dungeons, Star Soul Dungeons are a bit more grueling, but you get far more stats and boosts to BR boost from Star Soul Dungeons and Smelting.


This system gives large amounts of Star Soul Orbs with high attributes, which is why there are a number of requirements for accessing it.
Unless you have a Lvl. 70+ character, each palace and each stage only unlocks after you meet certain requirements.

System Introduction
  • - In the Star Soul Dungeons, there are 6 palaces in total, and each palace contains 10 stages. Each stage can be challenged repeatedly, but the First Clearance Reward can only be collected once by each player.
  • - Clearing Star Soul Dungeons consumes Fatigue, which can be replenished by paying a visit to the Star Soul Merchant or the Shop.
  • - When you have cleared specified levels of dungeons, corresponding Energy Shops will unlock.
  • - When the Star Soul Merchant countdown resets at 00:00, each player can purchase items once for free. Starting from the second purchase, the item prices increase as more purchase are made. After the countdown ends, the purchase attempts and initial prices will reset.
  • - Only the highest level of Energy Shop will be available for you to purchase Fatigue from.
  • - Various levels of Star Soul Chests require different amounts of Star Soul Points to unlock. Open the chests to obtain Fatigue and Star Soul Stones. Opening a chest consumes a Zodiac Soul Key. Each player has 5 daily unlock attempts to open Star Soul Chests.
  • - You can obtain Zodiac Soul Keys by clearing Star Soul Dungeons or by waiting for the system countdown. When Zodiac Soul Keys run out, the system countdown will activate. When the countdown ends, players get a Zodiac Soul Key. Zodiac Soul Keys and unlock attempts reset daily at midnight.

You need to unlock Star Soul Orb smelting first before you can make use of it. Unlocking it consumes Star Soul Engraves. Smelting consumes Star Soul Stones and gives EXP. When the EXP bar (shown below each Star Soul Orb) gets full, you can get one cherished Star Soul Orb.

After obtaining Star Soul Orbs, you can socket them into your own equipment.
In the Blacksmith's socket menu, you can see a button for Star Soul Socketing.

Currently, each piece of equipment can only be socketed with up to 3 kinds of different Star Soul Orbs.
Be quick and socket your most powerful Star Soul Orbs into your equipment!

Please check for more details about the new system in-game!