The Blacksmith

The best way to upgrade your equipment and increase your Battle Rating is through the Blacksmith.


Enchanting – Successfully Enchanting equipment costs Amethyst and will depend on your success rate. To increase your success rate, you may use Enchantment Stones. VIP players will have access to an additional percentage of success.


Socketing - Stat boosts can be gained by socketing various gems into items and weapons. Socketed gems may be removed and re-used at will.


Synthesis - With Item Synthesis, you may synthesize inferior items into superior items; synthesize lower level gems into higher level gems and much, much more. Only a small amount of Amethyst is required for Item Synthesis and there is a 100% success rate. Special items may also be gained through Synthesis.


Refine - Use Refinement to reset and improve all attributes of a weapon or piece of armor. Select an item and click Refine to generate new stats for that item, this will cost Amethyst. You may refine an item as many times as you would like. Once you are satisfied, click “accept” to receive the new stats. While refining, you may lock in certain stats you wish to keep and continue the refinement process until you are completely satisfied.


Convert- Use Conversion to change the grade of your equipment. In this panel, players will be able to Convert their equipment to higher grades (such as normal to excellent) using materials gathered through Recycling. Grey equipment cannot be converted.


Cast- Casting equipment can yield Legendary equipment; however, only equipment greater than level 50 can be Cast. Casting requires special materials found throughout the game and will cost a certain amount of Amethyst to create. Grey equipment cannot be cast.


Evolve – In this panel, equipment levels may be raised, this will not only change the base stats of the equipment, but will also change the required level to use the equipment. Grey equipment may not be evolved.


Recycle - Recycle items to obtain Enchant Materials. Green and higher equipment can be recycled; equipment must be at least level 30 to recycle and costs a certain amount of Amethyst. Enchant Materials obtained through recycling are bound and not all equipment and weapons can be recycled.