The Calamity War

Waves upon waves of monsters from another dimension are trying to invade! Enter the Calamity Fort and join forces with the Harmony Army to protect the land from these horrible beasts.

Players level 50 and above can enter the Calamity War
Rules and Info
1.    Players can join the Harmony Army and fight the Calamity Legion 3 times per day. Attempts reset daily at 4 a.m.
2.    Players can join teams based on their character level.

3. Normal battle requires 1 fight attempt each time, and Heroic battle requires 1 fight attempt and 1 Brave Card with the corresponding level each time.
4. Certain actions cannot be done after entering the dungeon, such as enhancing gear, or using potions and scrolls.
5. The monsters in Calamity Legion are strong enough to kill in one strike. Thankfully, Harmony Leader Kyte protects warriors who fight with him by casting a Divine Shield. The Divine Shield protects warriors by decreasing damage received to 0, but each round of protection consumes 1 Divine Shield point. When these points decrease to 0, the Divine Shield becomes invalid. 
6. Protected by the Divine Shield, warriors can’t be hurt by monsters, but powerful monsters can still terrify warriors increasing their Fear Points and weakening the Divine Shield. Fear Points, increase when Divine Shield points decrease and will cause characters to be unable to fight. When Fear Points decrease to 0, characters can fight again.

7. Cataclysm: This is Kyte’s special skill which kills all monsters on screen, but also consumes his energy. When Kyte’s energy reaches 0, he can’t support the Divine Shield anymore and the city will fall.

8. When the Calamity Legion appears, watch out for the Marauding and Ambushing Squads.
9. The main battles take place in the Village, El Alamein and City of Oracles. The battle will end when the Calamity Legion is defeated, all characters die or Kyte’s energy reaches 0.

When battle is over, the system will calculate rewards for each team according to the contribution they made in defeating monsters.

•    Having 3 players in a team may increase the chance for victory.
•    Kyte has a skill which can kill all on-screen monsters; however, this will consume his energy so it’s better to try to kill all monsters before he uses this skill first! 

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