The Soccer Festival is Back!

Greetings Dragonians! The Soccer Festival is making its way back to Dragon Pals in next week's update, so get your Challenge Tickets and Golden Soccer Shoes ready!

Soccer Festival


1. Players can use Challenge Tickets to switch the country they want to try to goal for.
2. Each country gets 5 free kicks, switching to a different country resets free attempts.
3. A Backup Ball is needed when free attempts have been used to continue kicking.
4. A Power Kick consumes one Golden Soccer Shoe.
5. Earn 3 goals to win the match and receive the corresponding reward item.
6. Use items you collect from winning matches to exchange for rewards in the exchange panel.
7. Be careful, exchange attempts are limited.
8. Work together with other players from your server to earn server goal rewards.
9. Server goals and personal goals reset every day.

Duration: 12:00 10/14/2014 - 11:59 10/21/2014