The Sweetest Bonbon of Them All!

Duration: For the first seven days the server is open.
Event Description: For the first 7 days the server is open, players can login in each day and receive a unique pack.

Each day has a different pack and players that log in for all 7 days in a row, will get a special dragon pet.( Each day's pack is good for one day only. Player can't get the day's pack if he didn't login and claim that day.)

Each day has its own unique pack listed below:

Day 1: Bonbon Shard x2, 100k Amethyst, Lvl. 3 Enchantment Stone x1, Superior EXP Scroll x1, Backpack Expansion Card x1

Day 2: Bonbon Shard x2, Bounty Charm x5, Bounty Refresh Charm x10, Lvl. 1 Contribution Potion x1, Lvl. 2 HP Gem x1

Day 3: Bonbon Shard x2, Amethyst x 100k, Dragon Soul Charm x2, Superior EXP Scroll x5, Lucky Coins x2, Formal Outfit (7 day)

Day 4: Bonbon Shard x2, Dragon Coins x200, Lvl.1 Purple Crystal x50, Backpack Expansion x1

Day 5: Bonbon Shard x2, Returned Gold x20, Lucky Coins x2, Backpack Expansion Card x1, 50 Stamina, Level. 1 HP Gem x1

Day 6: Bonbon Shard x5, Returned Gold x30, Refining Stone x2, Backpack Expansion Card x1, Life Source x1, Life Crystal x1

Day 7: Bonbon Shard x5, Alchemy Charm x2, Dragon Soul Charm x2, Superior Exp Potion x5, Potion Skill x1, Diamond Develop Card x5

(Bonbon can be synthesized via the Synthesis panel in the Blacksmith upon collecting 20 Bonbon Shards)