This Week we’ve Got Talented Artists for Dragon Pets!

Do you have wonderful memories of dragon pals, of the bravery these pets show in front of the deadliest monsters? Are they compassionate and precious even when sitting idle during your free time? Do you share whispers with your faithful and lovely dragon pets? Want to try picturing your ideal dragon pal for this intense and loving bond of eternal trust? Then you're going to enjoy this Painting Party for our Dragon Pets!

What's your favorite one that keeps you company when you're sound asleep? Are you a genious in designing your own stylish dragon pet of incomparable uniqueness? Let's share this dragon pets painting party together in seeking the ultimate one that shall keep you company on this lifelong journey.

Participation Methods: (directly attach your dragon pets’ paintings to this thread):You can take a piece of paper and sketch down your inspiration on this magical yet beautiful pet-human bond.

Or draw via the computer to fulfill the most fantastic ideas for these precious souls.


Paintings of Dragon Pets will be collected first and then everyone will vote for the most unique and excellent ones! All rewards will be issued according to the final poll.

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