To Arms, My good Dragonians

​Cross Server Challenges are headed this way! Sign up starts this Sunday! 

Cross Server Challenges
Battle Rune System

Event: Combat Packs - PartⅠ 

Duration: December 1st – December 5th 

Description: The Dragon Pals Team wish all players good luck and good victories in the Cross Server Challenges, May your team be victorious as the crowds cheer your names. 

Amethyst x 500,000 
Basic Heaven Runestone x 20 
Blessing x 10 
Lvl. 3 Gem Chest x 1
Flowers x 5 

Event: Value Packs - Part Ⅱ 

Duration: December 1st – December 5th  

Description: The Cross Server Challenge is on its way! Now’s the time to stock up on those special gift packs to help you beef up for the upcoming challenges and show everyone who’s BOSS! 

The Battle Runes can be downgraded in the blacksmith : Superior Runes> Advanced Runes>Basic Runes

Event: Value Packs - Part Ⅲ 

Duration: December 2nd –December 8th 

Description: Hurry to get the materials you need to upgrade your equipment and dragons! Don’t forget to grab some of those awesome buffs, too!