Totem System Introduction

Unlock Level

Unlock at Lvl.50, Click the icon to enter

System Introduction

Totem Engrave

1, Use Calamity crystal to synthesis Totem items in Blacksmith synthesize panel

2, Activating a Totem will gain you stats.
3, Use Calamity Crystal and Calamity Medal to engrave the Totem(Lvl.70 maximum) boost those stats

4, Calamity Medals drop in Calamity War. High level Calamity Medals can replace low level Calamity Medals when consumed
Totem Enchant

1, Consume Energy of Turmoil to Enchant a Totem. Each Enchantment has a chance to Enchant a Totem to the next star. If failed, the Totem's blessing will be increased. Blessing resets daily at midnight.

2, Enchantment increases Totem stats greatly and makes the engraved stats increase by a certain percentage.
3, There are 10 stars for each Totem enchantment,each enchantment increases basic stats +certain % of engraving stats.
Totem Refine

1, Consume Basic Potential Stone to Refine an activated Totem once.

2, Consume Adv. Potential Stone to Adv. Refine an activated Totem once.

3, Adv, Refine randomly generates 1-3 stats. Totem quality changes when Totem stats change.
1 Normal stat= Excellent,1 Adv. stat=Outstanding,2 Adv. stats=Perfect, 3 Adv. stat=Legendary.
4, Adv. Refine may generate stats of the same kind and has a chance to generate rare stats which increase stats by a percentage.
5,Rare stats which increase the character stats by certain % do not have a direct effect on Battle Rating.

You can click on Totem icon to check more detail